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It all started with a family dinner.


Cousins, Kathleen (Kay) Rivers, Ph.D. and Zackery Deering-Haddix were catching up over dinner one evening when our conversation shifted to California wildfires and their devastating impacts. The conversation then settled on goats as an environmentally-responsible way to reduce fire danger and increase defensible space.

We discussed how goats are such a powerful option because they not only do not spark fires (as can happen with power tools), but they don't generate air or noise pollution either (as mechanical solutions do). Goats also fertilize the soil enriching the land, and creating a healthier ecosystem for plants and wildlife. Goats' grazing habits promote healthier landscapes, prevent the spread of invasive species, and aid in the restoration of native plant communities.


It was out of this increasingly passionate discussion that Cotati Kids Heritage Grazing was born.

When we (Kay and Zack) began researching which goats to raise for our new project, we learned that San Clemente Island goats has been named by the Livestock Conservancy as a critically-endangered species. The goats earned that status because the US Navy had hunted these genetically unique goats to the brink of extinction from some 15,000 (before being hunted) to some 200 (saved by conservationists). Fortunately, since that time, a handful of San Clemente Island Breeders (across the US and Canada) are now working to bring the goats' numbers back to some ~1700 today. We are honored to be joining them in this important conservation effort.

We, however, cannot achieve our mission alone. We rely on the generosity and support of compassionate people like you who believe in the power of community-driven conservation efforts. By contributing to our cause, you become an integral part of our journey to protect this critically-endangered species and to safeguard our community from the ever-increasing threat of wildfires.

We are excited to have you join us on this worthwhile endeavor. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against wildfires and the conservation of the magnificent San Clemente Island goats. Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of our mission to create a brighter and more sustainable future.

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