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And So It Begins...

Zackery Deering-Haddix

There are so many people who've helped to make this idea start to become a reality! It all started at a family dinner. The first person I want to acknowledge is my cousin, Zackery Deering-Haddix. He was telling me about his business, E'Salvio Cleaning Solutions, and we started talking about California wildfires and its devastating impact. Considering his experience with business, and mine with nonprofits, Cotati Kids Heritage Grazing was born.

Dustin DeMatteo

Next, we went in search of the best location to care for and breed our critically-endangered goats. This lead us to consult with Vita Rodocker and Rodney Deck who work as ferriers, D'Lynda Fisher, Sara Kaiser of Wild Oat Hollow, Dustin DeMatteo of Farmster, and Michael Lennox of Olivet Ranch, they each graciously shared their expertise, connections, and advice. The generosity of Sonoma County residents cannot be overstated. We visited multiple potential sites and each landowner was friendly, supportive, and enthusiastic about the Cotati Kids project. I'd like to especially acknowledge Leah Conde, Jim Stubbins, Michelle Pereira of Michelle Pereira Studios, and Cassie Thompson of Bellevue Ranch for their encouragement of this project.

Kay, Linnea, and Will

While we were still considering a property in Penngrove, Linnea Stanton and Will Vasser helped measure and plan for how to best configure the fencing and enclosures for the goats. After many visits and promising conversations, we finally decided on Jasmine Gold’s property just outside Cotati. She not only has beautiful pastures, goat-friendly neighbors, and a spectacular view, she also authentically loves goats and she and her partner are both looking forward to their imminent arrival.

Rough Sketch of fencing and enclosures

Three of our biggest Cotati Kids heroes are Oscar Rodriguez of Willow Landscaping, Emily Pino-Williams, and Joan Simon who with their generous in-kind and monetary contributions were the first to help secure the funding we need to begin building the fencing and enclosures to keep the goats healthy and safe.

Now it's your turn to add your name to this list of incredible human beings by joining them

in putting your resources toward keeping these critically-endangered creatures on our planet. Can we count on you to contribute?!

I can't wait to add your name.

Thank you,


Kathleen (Kay) Rivers, Ph.D.

Cotati Kids Heritage Grazing Executive Director

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