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Help Us Bring These Beauties Home!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

We're now engaged in a multipronged approach to helping an elderly farmer in failing health to save 7 critically-endangered goats and bring them to join our Cotati Kids!

GoFundMe, Cotati Kids Apparel, and November 1st 💀 IRL (in real life) 4pm-7pm @ Oliver's Market in Cotati! You can also donate directly via VenMo to @CotatiKids However you choose to contribute: Know that you are saving this critically-endangered breed of goat. Thank you.

The Details: Cotati Kids Heritage Grazing’s mission is to preserve critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats by providing targeted grazing to reduce fire danger and increase defensible space across Sonoma County. Our founding tenet is that species are here for a reason, and we want to do what we can to keep this one here.

We're asking for donations to fund livestock transport. A farmer in Washington has donated 7 SCI Goats (2 pictured above) to our nonprofit. He can no longer care for them due to his age and health. Another goat rescue has offered to lend their livestock trailer. Funds are needed to cover the rental of a heavy-duty cargo van to pull the livestock trailer, fuel costs, accommodations and food. We estimate we’ll need $2338 to fund the rescue trip: Cargo Van Rental: $1595, Gas: $355, Lodging: $238.47, and Food: $150.

Once we meet our funding goal, our Executive Director and volunteers will make the 11-hour drive to pick up the goats. The plan is to rent a van on Friday, Nov 17. Starting early Sat, Nov 18, we will drive from Cotati, CA to Toledo, WA, and stay overnight. On Sun, Nov 19, we will be up early to gather the items the farmer wants us to take with goats (e.g., dismantle 600’ of fencing, load large goat stand, etc.) and stay over one more night. Then, on Mon, Nov 20, get up early, load the goats, and drive them back to Cotati, CA. Return the borrowed livestock trailer and rented vehicle on Tues, Nov 21.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Your contribution will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law: 501(3)(c): 93-1798783.

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