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SCI doe and kid

At Cotati Kids, we're committed to preserving critically-endangered San Clemente Island goats through targeted grazing, reducing fire danger, and creating safer spaces in Sonoma County. We work with local communities and organizations to ensure that our efforts are sustainable and effective. Our projects include:

San Clemente Island kid
San Clemente Island buck

1. Establish and maintain a safe, nurturing, and caring space for the goats to grow, breed, and thrive.
This includes:

  • Building and maintaining appropriate fencing and enclosures.

  • Providing nutritious feed and clean water.

  • Providing enrichment activities for the goats' joy and healthy development.

  • Providing continuing loving care for each goat's full life span.

SCI goats grazing

2. Grazing programs focusing on families' homes and small businesses on fewer than 5 acres to reduce fire danger and promote biodiversity.

CI goat 4h project

3. Volunteer opportunities for community members to get involved in our conservation efforts.

  • Including research projects to better understand the behavior and needs of San Clemente Island goats.

  • Educational opportunities through local schools and agriculture programs.

  • Explore SCI goats' coats to evaluate potential contribution to fiber arts.

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